Subglottic Suctioning Endotracheal Tubes

Rüsch® Guardian Endotrachal Tube with Evacuation Lumen

Designed for Long-Term Intubation.

During mechanical ventilation, secretions from the upper respiratory tract accumulate above the endotracheal tube cuff. Studies have shown that these secretions can seep past the cuff into the lower tract, which may cause pneumonia.1 The Rüsch® Guardian Endotracheal Tube with Evacuation Lumen is designed to facilitate the removal of these pathogen laden subglottic secretions that accumulate above the cuff before they are aspirated. The thinner polyurethane cuff material, when compared to Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) cuffs, provides better leak prevention regardless of cuff shape.2-5

  • Integrated inflation and suction lines
  • Radiopaque identifier
  • Polyurethane cuff
  • Sterile, Single Use
  • Not made with DEHP
Ref. I.D. O.D. Cuff Ø Length Qty
112092060 6.0 mm 9.0 mm 20 mm 280 mm 10
112092065 6.5 mm 9.8 mm 24 mm 290 mm 10
112092070 7.0 mm 10.4 mm 24 mm 300 mm 10
112092075 7.5 mm 11.2 mm 26 mm 310 mm 10
112092080 8.0 mm 11.8 mm 26 mm 320 mm 10
112092085 8.5 mm 12.6 mm 30 mm 320 mm 10
112092090 9.0 mm 13.1 mm 30 mm 320 mm 10


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