Technical Support & Repair Services

At Teleflex, we are committed to creating an exceptional customer experience while delivering value. For certain reusable and/or capital devices, we offer repair and refurbishment services to ensure proper maintenance. Our technical support and repair teams are specialized according to our different products. In order to direct you to the appropriate team, please select the product area of interest.
Insighters® Video Laryngoscope System Technical Support & Repair

Insighters® iS6 Handheld Video Laryngoscope System

Insighters® iS-PF2 Workstation Video Laryngoscope System

Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Technical Support and Repair
Tel: 800-343-3297 (Toll-free USA)
8am – 4pm EST (Monday – Friday)

AC3 Optimus® IABP


Arrow® VPS Technical Support and Repair
Tel: 877-236-6869 (Toll-free USA)
8am – 4pm EST (Monday – Friday)

Arrow® VPS Rhythm® DLX Device

Arrow® VPS Rhythm® Device

Arrow® VP G4 Device

Pilling® and KMedic® Surgical Instrument Repair

Teleflex Medical Applier Repairs
Attn: Chelsea Peters/Curtis Beatty
3874 South Alston Ave, Suite 103
Durham, NC 27713

Tel: 877-484-0212 (Toll-free USA)



Arrow® EZ-IO® and On-Control® Power Drivers

Arrow® EZ-IO® and On-Control® Power Drivers are not repairable or serviceable. Power Drivers are not intended to be opened and contain non-replaceable batteries. Power Driver life expectancy is dependent on actual usage (bone density and average insertion time), storage, and frequency of testing. At the completion of the Power Driver’s service life, proper disposal is the responsibility of the institution or service. Please refer to product instructions for use for technical and warranty information.

Having an issue with your Arrow® EZ-IO® or On-Control® Power Driver? Contact a clinical representative by phone or email.
Tel: 888-413-3104 (Toll-free USA)
Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

EZ-IO® Power Driver

OnControl® Bone Lesion and Marrow


For technical support and repair services in regions outside the US, please contact your local Customer Service, Sales Representative or Distributor for service options in your area.