Customer Service

We are excited for the opportunity to serve you. Please choose the most convenient method for you to connect with our Teleflex Customer Service team.

Teleflex Customer Service (USA and Canada)
Tel: 1-866-246-6990 (8am-7pm EST / Mon-Fri)
Teleflex Medical OEM Customer Service (Global)
Tel: 1-800-474-0178; International: 1-508-964-6021
Fax: 1-888-273-6897; International: 1-508-964-6077

Order Placement (USA and Canada)

All orders should include a purchase order number, billing and shipping instructions, terms, product numbers and descriptions, quantity, price, and an authorized signature.

By Online PO Form

Credit card orders must be placed by phone: 866-246-6990 (8am-7pm EST / Mon-Fri)

Use of this form does not indicate acceptance or approval of PO by Teleflex. Upon acceptance of your PO, an order confirmation will be sent.

  • PO Form

By E-Mail

Attach and send a written purchase order to Teleflex at For your convenience, a PO template is provided below.

By Phone

Place a phone order by contacting Teleflex Customer Service Department.

  • 866-246-6990 (8am-7pm EST / Mon-Fri)


To place an International order, please contact the affiliate within the appropriate region.