Specialty Endotracheal Tubes

Devices as unique as the procedures

Teleflex features a wide array of specialty tubes designed to maintain an airway for a variety of procedures. From microlaryngeal to laser surgery, Teleflex designs devices to be as specialized as the procedures require.

Sheridan® LTS Microlaryngeal Endotracheal Tube

Ref. Order Size / I.D. O.D. Cuff Ø length Qty
5-11108 4.0 mm 5.8 mm 35.0 mm 321 mm 10
5-11110 5.0 mm 7.1 mm 35.0 mm 321 mm 10
5-11112 6.0 mm 8.5 mm 35.0 mm 321 mm 10

Caution: These products contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions

RX only.

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