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Arrow® EZ-IO® Intraosseous Vascular Access System


Online Education – Clinical Principles, Quiz and Certificate - View

View the most comprehensive online resource for Arrow® EZ-IO® Vascular Access education, complete a brief quiz and receive a certificate for successful completion.


The Science and Fundamentals of Intraosseous Vascular Access 2017 Third Edition - View

Download the most comprehensive and detailed document describing virtually every practical aspect of intraosseous (IO) access: IO anatomy and physiology, basic and clinical science supporting IO access, insertion sites and techniques, indications, contraindications and warnings, complications, frequently-asked questions…and so much more.


Intraosseous Vascular Access Bibliographies

Click here to access our comprehensive General Intraosseous Vascular Access Bibliography and Arrow EZ-IO Bibliography.


  • Vignette Series - Access one or all of the brief instructional movies in the following live provider/adult patient scenarios:
  • Proximal Humerus Site Identification/Insertion - Cadaveric
    View | Download
  • Human Fluoroscopy Video - watch in real time how quickly contrast dye infused via the human proximal humerus enters the right atrium of the heart.
    View | Download
  • Humerus Animation Video (Adult) - review a computer generated animation of the steps to correctly identify the proximal humerus insertion site, establish and remove Arrow® EZ-IO® vascular access.
    View | Download
  • Infant/Child Needle Selection and Insertion Technique Animation Video - Review a computer generated animation of the steps to correctly select the appropriate length needle set in the infant and child, identify the proximal tibia insertion site, demonstration of insertion technique and removal.
    View | Download
  • Egg Video - watch as multiple holes are drilled into the same raw egg. The current record is >300 holes in one raw egg if you are using the correct technique. This is an excellent (and inexpensive!) teaching tool to try in your facility.
    View | Download
  • Distal Femur Site Identification & Insertion Technique – Infant/Child
    View | Download



Clinical Principles PowerPoint Presentation

Download the most current and thorough educational power point covering all the key concepts of IO access including Research, Professional Organization Support, Indications, Contraindications, Site Selection, Site Identification, Preparation, Insertion Technique, Flush, Pain Management, Removal, Assessment/Documentation, Driver Care and Additional Resources!

Key Concepts PowerPoint Presentation


Clinical and Medical Affairs Procedural Cadaver Labs

The procedural lab program is designed to provide the unique opportunity for healthcare providers to understand and practice various procedures utilizing cadaveric specimens, simulation, alternative training materials and didactic information. This experience allows clinicians a hands-on opportunity to practice advanced procedures in a safe, realistic environment. To find a CMA Procedural Cadaver Lab near you please visit


Additional Resources

Pain Management Resources

Learn more about use in the conscious /alert patient – What is the pain like? What can you do to mitigate the pain? What is the recommended anesthetic, dose and administration technique to ensure optimal pain relief? Visit the Arrow® EZ-IO® Comfort website for this information and more.

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