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ARROW® ErgoPack™

Pressure Injectable ARROWg+ard Blue Plus® CVC

Many patients who receive a central line will require a CT scan; and 100% need protection from infection. So to streamline patient care, our ARROWg+ard Blue PLUS catheters now perform three vital functions:

  • Help prevent infections
  • Deliver therapy
  • Pressure-inject contrast for CT scanning up to 10 ml/sec.

Saves Time for Physicians

The ErgoPack System was created using human factors research. The research included recorded procedures and time studies to increase insertion ease. Using a pressure injectable CVC in the ErgoPack system is designed to increase procedural efficiency by providing 31 procedural tools organized in order of use and a Pressure Injectable ARROWg+ard Blue Plus CVC. So instead of spending precious minutes searching for equipment, doctors and nurses can concentrate on providing efficient, life-saving care.

Saves Time for Patients

It is estimated that 250,000 patients per year will develop a CRBSI, and treatment will typically extend their hospital stay by seven extra days.1,2
The number of infections can be minimized by using ARROWg+ard Blue PLUS catheters with a chlorhexidine based technology impregnated into the catheter's surface. ARROWg+ard's ability to save lives and reduce costs, by reducing infection and microbial colonization on the catheter surface, has been supported by more than 30 studies.3

If a central line is not rated for pressure-injection contrast, the patient and clinician will need to wait for a second pressure injectable vascular access device to be placed. If a Pressure Injectable Arrow CVC is in place, the patient can be sent for CT scanning immediately.

Saves Time for CT Techs

If a patient brought to radiology for CT scanning doesn't have a pressure injectable catheter in place, the procedure must be postponed until the patient has an extra line inserted.

An added advantage for CT techs: Because ARROWg+ard Blue PLUS CVCs are larger than most PICCs, you can get excellent images with faster contrast injection.

For information about the flow rates and pressure specification for Arrow Pressure Injectable CVCs, click on the link below:

Electronic version of the pressure injectable poster


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