Teleflex is committed to helping make minimally invasive surgery even less invasive.

Introducing the MiniLap Percutaneous Surgical System from Teleflex. MiniLap instruments, with their slim 2.3 mm shaft diameters, can be percutaneously inserted using an integrated needle tip. The grasper jaws or probe can then be deployed to grasp or coagulate tissue. The patented deployment design allows grasper jaws to open up to 12.5 mm to grasp difficult structures, like distended gall bladders. And the proprietary steel shaft provides the strength and stiffness needed for secure tissue retraction.

Fewer Trocars

Less Trauma

Port Comparison

Teleflex Minilap System
3MM Instrument Ports
2 times larger than the
Teleflex MiniLap
5MM Instrument Ports
3 times larger than the
Teleflex MiniLap
Item Number Product Descrption Unit per Box
GBC250 Alligator Grasper 6
CLC250 Clutch Grasper 6
BCK250 Babcock Grasper 6
BLC250 Bowel Grasper 6