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Hem-o-lok® Ligation System

The Hem-o-lok product line is an innovative cool ligation system that combines the security of a 2.0 suture with the speed of a metal clip for open and laparoscopic surgery.*

  • Four sizes (M, ML, L, and XL) to ligate from 2mm to 16mm of vessel and/or tissue bundle
  • Ligate up to 10mm tissue through a 5mm trocar or up to 16mm through a 10mm trocar
  • Non-absorbable polymer locking clip is inert, non-conductive, CT/MRI compatible
  • Tactile feedback
  • Easy loading system
  • Flexible mechanism virtually eliminates clips falling out of the applier
  • Remover offers the option of unlocking the clip

*Contraindicated for Ligation of Renal Artery During Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy.

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