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Teleflex is a global provider of medical devices used in critical care and surgery. We serve healthcare providers with specialty devices for vascular access, general and regional anesthesia, urology, respiratory care, cardiac care and surgery.

Innovative solutions in healthcare technology

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Teleflex Reports Study Results of ARROWg+ard® Technology Effectiveness in Preventing Infections and Associated Costs in an Infection-Prone Insertion Site The ARROW® CVC with ARROWg+ard® Technology outperformed the unprotected CVC in both infection reduction and total cost per patient. Within the study, the protected catheter achieved a zero infection rate per 1,000 catheter days.
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Your Partner in Innovation

Teleflex’s Rusch brand EZ-Blocker offers an elegant way to obtain One Lung Ventilation (OLV). It is designed with an innovative and unique symmetric Y-shaped bifurcation and inflatable cuffs at the distal end, to guarantee easy placement and simple execution of bi-lateral procedures. This configuration does not only yield good stability, which is highly appreciated when preparing the patient for surgery, but also provides the possibility of CPAP.

Your Partner in Innovation

Nearly 20 percent of central line recipients will need a CT scan and 100 percent need protection from infection. To streamline patient care, our ARROWg+ard Blue PLUS® catheters now perform three vital functions: They help clinicians reduce microbial colonization, deliver therapy and allow the pressure injection of contrast for CT scanning up to 10 ml/sec.

Arrowgard Blue Plus Image

Distinguished by top quality, cost effectiveness and comfort, the Rusch® CrystalClear® Plus and Rusch TracFlex Plus tracheostomy tubes represent the latest generation of premium products. Featuring an advanced tube system with a flexible inner cannula, it offers a "plus" in comfort, safety and performance during the care of tracheostomised patients.

CrystalClear Plus Image

Gibeck® Iso-Gard® HEPA filters are extremely potent weapons against the passage of bacteria and viruses during mechanical ventilation and general anesthesia. They offer a compact, lightweight design with over 99.99999% bacterial and 99.9999% viral efficiency against the passage of normal respiratory pathogens.* Well-documented Gibeck quality provides hospital staff with a safe and secure choice of breathing filters.
*see supporting data on file with Teleflex

Iso-Gard HEPA Filter

At Teleflex we believe that all patients should have the optimal catheter for their personal situation. That is why we are one of the largest providers of Foley urinary catheters in the world. With more than 100 years of experience developing catheters, Teleflex, through the Rusch brand of products, can offer Foley catheters suitable for every indication and application, without compromise.

Baloon Catherter Image

The Hem-o-lok® Ligation System provides secure ligation for vessels and/or tissues between 2 mm and 16 mm. Non-absorbable polymer clips deliver security right where you need it. The Horizon Ligation System is the result of many years of experience in metal ligation. This ligation system provides easy and precise loading for greater efficiency.

Hemolok Image

Only Teleflex delivers innovation in IABP therapy that will enable you to provide 99.8% accuracy during IABP support and 98% timing accuracy when patients have severe arrhythmias.1,2 The Arrow® AutoCAT2 WAVE® intra-aortic balloon pump relies on a unique combination of proprietary technologies to achieve its high level of performance - even in patients with severe arrhythmias.

Cat2 Wave Image

1. Donelli A, Jansen JRC, Hoeksel B, et al. Performance of real-time dicrotic notch detection and prediction of arrhythmic human aortic pressure signals. J Clin Monit. 2002;17:181-185

2. Schreuder JJ, Castiglioni A, Donelli A, et al. Automatic intraaortic balloon pump timing using an intrabeat dicrotic notch prediction algorithm. Ann Thorac Surg. 2005;79:1017-1022.

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