Teleflex Celebrates International Women's Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are proud to feature a few of the inspiring women across our organization as they share their personal and professional accomplishments. These powerful stories allow us the opportunity to celebrate our diverse workforce and demonstrate our team’s commitment to our Core Values and our strong drive for equality and support of others.

Together, we can make a difference.

Megha Arora, Senior Compliance Manager, Auditing/Monitoring, and Investigations

Megha discusses the passion and enthusiasm that women have for their careers and how women have the capability to take command of the situation.

Shanté Demary, Director of Strategic Pricing & Contract Management

Shanté shares what she has learned throughout her 16-year journey at Teleflex. Hear where she finds inspiration and why she feels mentoring is so important.

Ana Herrera, Senior Operations Manager

As the plant manager of our Chihuahua site in Mexico, Ana has experienced several growth opportunities in her time at Teleflex. Learn where she finds inspiration every day and why having women in leadership is so important to her.

Mandy Mancina, Vice President of Marketing, Latin America

Mandy talks about her incredible 20-years at Teleflex and her passion for the products and people that have shaped her career.

Lin Im Tan, Senior HR Director, APAC

Lin Im has shaped her career based on a passion for learning. Listen to why she feels it is so important for women to be in leadership positions.

Gladys Yeo, APAC Head, Market Development, Interventional Urology

Gladys has advanced her career by acknowledging where she wants to grow and overcoming obstacles. Listen as she talks about harnessing skills for effective and balanced leadership.

As an integral part of our goal to create a diverse workforce, we have established a global and local network of employee resources groups (ERG) to support the professional and personal development of employees within the organization.

Two of these ERGs, our Women Inspiring Learning and Leadership (WILL) and Elevate, provide a supportive environment where women can feel connected, share perspectives, and ultimately shape their careers and contribute to business outcomes.

Through networking, virtual and local events, and speaker and panel discussions, women across Teleflex are able to drive thoughtful conversations and share best practices in ways that lead to change.

To learn more about our culture and Core Values, visit Our Values