Working at Teleflex

We are a company that makes a difference.

Being an employee at Teleflex means understanding that we are all connected through a common sense of purpose. Regardless of location, position, or language spoken, we are united by understanding that what we do every day impacts other people's lives.

We are all on the same team.

As teammates, each and every one of our roles is essential to achieving success. The leadership at Teleflex is visible and emphasizes open communication in the workplace. This is a collaborative environment, and your voice will be heard. As a Teleflex employee, you are valued and respected.

We are committed to growth.

Since our beginning, close to 70 years ago, Teleflex has been continuously evolving. As part of our commitment to growth, employees have multiple opportunities for personal development. Teleflex provides support and invests in its employees who desire to challenge themselves with new positions or advancement within the organization.

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“I have found many mentors, not just my direct managers but other colleagues who have invested in my career. At Teleflex, the sky is the limit.”


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"I find the attention to our Core Values, particularly the focus on our People, admirable and exceptional."


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"Throughout the years, it has been the people with whom I have worked, the ever changing responsibilities, that have kept things interesting, and kept me challenged."


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“We know the products we manufacture will be used as part of a medical procedure. We reinforce constantly that we need to produce the best products for our patients; sometimes those patients wind up being our loved ones.”


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“We have such a diverse team, which is truly enjoyable. I have had a great opportunity to train and mentor our employees throughout the years.”


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“The products drew me in and the products keep me here. Teleflex is a company that is committed to offering high quality, patient-centric devices that can truly make a difference in someone’s life. If I ever have a need for myself or a loved one, I would not think twice about using our products."


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“I work for a company that manufactures products that save lives. I am proud to be able to show my family the kind of company I work for. They are the reason I do what I do, and it feels good to work for a company that I can feel good about.”


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