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Teleflex, headquartered just outside of Philadelphia in Wayne, Pennsylvania, specializes in products and services for vascular access, respiratory care, general and regional anesthesia, cardiac care, urology and surgery. Our original equipment manufacturer group also provides specialty products and orthopedic devices and instruments for device manufacturers.

With approximately $1.7 billion USD in revenues and customers in more than 150 countries, we are a leading provider of medical devices to the world. Our well-known and trusted products assist clinicians at virtually every point in critical care and surgery.

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Community involvement is an important aspect of Teleflex’s approach. We encourage employees to actively give back to their communities, and the Teleflex Foundation provides financial support through grants and matching gifts to eligible charities throughout the United States.

Teleflex Incorporated has grown over its more than 70-year history through new products, new geographical markets, and through acquisition. The Teleflex Corporate Development team explores partnerships, acquisitions, and joint ventures consistent with our global leadership in healthcare.

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Our History

One of the questions we're often asked is, "What does the name 'Teleflex' mean?" The company began in 1943 with one simple product – a multi-strand helical cable and a gear that could convert push-pull motions into rotary motions. Its first use was on Spitfire planes in World War II as a flexible cable to adjust the pilot's radio, which was located behind the cockpit and out of the pilot's reach. The flexible cable was used telescopically to adjust the radio, giving us our name.


Over time, Teleflex grew from an operating company focused on engineering to a diversified industrial company and has now transitioned to a pure-play medical device company. View our milestones.

Since its inception in 1943 as an operating company focused on engineering, Teleflex has gone through many changes. Over time, Teleflex became a diversified industrial company and has now transitioned to a pure-play medical device company. Many milestones took place along the way, helping to make Teleflex the company it is today. View our milestones.


We span the globe with more than 11,500 employees across the U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.