Vascular Access Catheters

Central Access

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The Arrow® Brand has become synonymous with Central Access. Innovations in the catheter (antimicrobial technology such as Arrowg+ard® Protection or Arrowg+ard Blue Advance Protection, staggered exit sites or the Blue FlexTip® Feature) and the kit (ErgoPack® System, HemoHopper® Feature or Raulerson Syringe) are how the Arrow® Brand has raised the standard of care.

In Central Access, we offer the industry's broadest range of catheter lengths, flow rates and customizable kits. We offer catheter options for both short-term and long-term dwell, antimicrobial and antithrombogenic protection, and pressure rated catheters. Our packaging expertise allows us to offer comprehensive standard maximal barrier kits in the ErgoPack® System or a customizable bundle from our Arrow® Select Kits (ASK) team.

The Arrow® ErgoPack System

The Arrow® ErgoPack System, when combined with the Arrowg+ard Blue Plus® or Arrowg+ard Blue Advance antimicrobial catheter protection, provides defense against all 5 sources of bloodstream infection to help your institution attain and sustain the goal of zero CLABSIs.

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