Catheter Tip Positioning Systems

ARROW® G4 Vascular Positioning System

When it comes to correct catheter tip placement, a few centimeters make all the difference. Clinical evidence has shown that the ARROW® VPS® Device delivers a remarkable 98% success rate when a steady Blue Bullseye is achieved.1 This technology guides the clinician to precisely place the catheter tip in the lower 1/3 of the SVC-CAJ, the zone recommended by professional medical association guidelines.


Professional medical association guidelines are developed based on the latest clinical data and best practices. Here are a few of the current guidelines for catheter tip placement.



AVA (Association for Vascular Access)

Lower 1/3 of SVC, SVC-RA junction

ONS (Oncology Nursing Society)

Lower 1/3 of SVC-CAJ

INS (Infusion Nurses Society)

Lower 1/3 of SVC-CAJ

FDA Working Group

Lower 1/3 of SVC. Catheter tip should not be placed in or allowed to migrate into heart.

SIR (Society of Interventional Radiology)

SVC-RA junction

The ARROW® VPS® Device helps you meet guidelines with precision and confidence and has been cleared by the FDA as an alternative to chest X-ray in adult patients when a steady Blue Bullseye is illuminated.5


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5 See the ARROW VPS® Bedside Procedure Kit Instructions for Use and the ARROW VPS G4 Device Operator's Manual for full Indications for Use.

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