Catheter Tip Positioning Systems

ARROW® G4 Vascular Positioning System

The ARROW® VPS G4 Device is an advanced Vascular Positioning System® that offers clinicians a renewed confidence in precise PICC or CVC placement. Powered by a combination of three technologies, the ARROW® VPS G4 Device analyzes multiple metrics, in real time, to pinpoint the exact location of the lower 1/3 of the SVC-CAJ.


Discover what it feels like to hit the lower 1/3 of the SVC-CAJ 98.4% of the time on the first attempt when the Blue Bullseye is illuminated.1

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The Doppler ultrasound microsensor detects if the catheter tip is moving with the flow of blood safely towards the heart, or if the catheter has been misdirected and is moving against the flow.


The VPS® Stylet detects the unique intravascular ECG signature of the patient's vasculature and the catheter tip's proximity to the heart.


The ARROW® VPS G4 Device uses an advanced software algorithm that computes the position and direction of the catheter tip, in real time.


1 Data on file at VasoNova, Inc.

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