Catheter Tip Positioning Systems

ARROW® G4 Vascular Positioning System

The ARROW ® VPS G4 Device is designed with full consideration of the clinician in mind. While it's capable of interpreting complicated pieces of data, it's also incredibly easy to read. The design is user-friendly and the symbols make the system simple and easy to use.

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Improved User Interface

The Arrow ® VPS G4 Device is intuitive and designed to improve your workflow.

Improved Sterile Field Maintenance

The Arrow ® VPS G4 Device can be operated from the sterile field via a remote control.

Easy-To-Follow Symbols

Trust the symbols to navigate and guide you to the lower 1/3 of the SVC-CAJ.

Confirmatory Statement Printout

The Arrow ® VPS G4 Device automatically indicates whan a steady Blue Bullseye is achieved and a schreenshot is captured with a confirmatory statement

Wi-Fi Connection

The Arrow ® VPS G4 Device is wireless enabled and designed to interface with hospital data management systems.

Back-Up Screen

Allows you to complete a procedure

Battery-Powered Device

You can use the Arrow ® VPS G4 Device for up to three hours independent of AC power supply.

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