Port-Site Closure

Weck EFx® Endo Fascial Closure System

Recognized as a 2012 Innovation of the Year by the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons, the Weck EFx® Endo Fascial Closure System offers an excellent clinical advantage for surgeons and their patients.

Weck EFx® Endo Fascial Closure System

Weck EFx<sup>®</sup> Endo Fascial Closure System

Simple, Reproducible, Uniform Closure

The Weck EFx® Endo Fascial Closure System, is designed to minimize complications and costs associated with post-operative port-site herniation. The Weck EFx® Closure System design provides reproducible, uniform closure across varying patient anatomy that is confident, clear and controlled.


  • An unassisted approach to the delivery and retrieval of sutures for port site closure
  • A uniform 1 cm fascial closure for varying abdominal thicknesses
  • Efficient and simple way to capture all layers of fascial

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