Vascular Access


Everything you need in one complete kit

  • 21 Ga. Introducer needle
  • Arrow® .018” floppy tip micro-puncture wire guide
  • 5 Fr. or 6 Fr. Introducer sheath sizes

Smooth atraumatic insertion and removal without kinking or stretching

  • Sheath material promotes easy access

Easier insertion for successful arterial access everytime

  • For easier sheath insertion, the dilator gradually steps up to accommodate the O.D. of the sheath
  • The sheaths, dilators and guidewires are precision-matched for consistent, successful arterial access

More options

  • Catheter-over-needle Kiemeneij Technique kits also available
  • Soft and super-floppy wires available to minimize arterial spasm
  • Hydrophilic-coated sheaths facilitate guiding catheter introduction while minimizing vessel irritation

Product Brochure

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