Cardiac Diagnostics

Berman Angiography Products

  • Available in 2 configurations: Standard Berman Catheter and Reverse Berman Catheter
  • Selected French sizes from 4 Fr. to 8 Fr. and lengths from 50 cm to 110 cm
  • Smooth flexible catheter body facilitates insertion and positioning
  • Unique catheter design
    • Junction hub and extension line design offers higher flow rates and injection pressures (Details provided for each product in ordering information table)
    • Injectate outflow design optimizes dye distribution and minimizes risk of arrhythmias and myocardial staining by direction dye away from the myocardial wall
  • Clinical uses include pulmonary angiography and BOFA (Balloon Occlusion Femoral Angiography)

Product Brochure

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