Rusch® Laryngoscopes

With one of the widest ranges of laryngoscopic solutions, the Rusch® Brand offers solutions to help minimize the risk of cross-contamination and lower costs and empowers clinicians with accuracy and durability they can rely on.

Rusch Reliablity - Our Family of Laryngoscopes

A powerful and affordable way to help improve patient safety by managing intubation-relation infections.

Reliable. Affordable. Entirely disposable.

Rusch® Single-Use Laryngoscopes offer the performance and feel of a reusable metal blade and feature lighting technology that provides strong, focused and reliable illumination while reducing battery consumption. Rusch® Standard Single-Use Blades also eliminate the hassles of reusable blades, including the time and cost of reprocessing, without sacrificing strength or light quality.

Single-use standard laryngoscopes and blades. Just one of the many advanced airway management solutions from the Rusch® Brand.

Discover how reusable laryngoscopes deliver quality without compromise.

Dependable. Durable. Designed to perform.

No matter what the need or patient scenario, our full range of airway management solutions are designed to make intubation safe and efficient. TruLED Handles are easy to sterilize between cases. Fiber optic devices made from stainless steel and reusable blades that snap on quickly, light the way to successful outcomes. We even offer water resistant handles that can remain intact during disinfection.

Single-use fiber optic blades and handles. Just one of the many advanced airway management solutions from the Rusch® Brand.

Accessibility to a video solution when and where it is needed.

Safe. Cutting-edge. Built for results.

Combining reusable optics with single-use blades, the Rusch® Airtraq Video Laryngoscope System* is an innovative way to assist clinicians with intubations from routine to the most complex. Our single-use blades for guided video laryngoscopes offer a reliable solution for accurate intubation while helping to manage the risk of cross-contamination. Rusch® Single-Use Laryngoscope Blades offer the opportunity to reduce infection associated with reusable devices by delivering a new sterile surface every time. The guided system helps clinicians place endotracheal tubes with accuracy and confidence.

Guided video laryngoscopes with disposable blades. Just one of the many advanced airway management solutions from the Rusch® Brand.

*Video component sold separately

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