Guided Video

Providing guided video laryngoscopy to even the most routine intubations.

Safe. Accessible. Built for results.

Combining reposable optics with single-use blades, the Rusch® Airtraq Video Laryngoscope System* is an innovative way to assist clinicians with intubations from routine to the most complex. Our guided video single-use laryngoscope blades offer a reliable solution for accurate intubation while helping to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Rusch® Single-Use Laryngoscope Blades offer the opportunity to reduce infection associated with reusable devices by delivering a new, sterile surface every time. The guided system helps clinicians place endotracheal tubes with accuracy and confidence.

Rusch Reliablity - Our Family of Laryngoscopes

Rusch® Airtraq Wi-Fi Camera

  • Facilitates and records intubation from any position
  • Shares high quality real time images with iPad® / iPhone® / PC through a WiFi connection
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Easy assembly

Rusch® Airtraq Avant Reusable Optics

  • Low cost per use and little capital investment
  • Guiding Channel delivers ETT to the glottic opening
  • Anti-fog system warms lens to body temperature
  • Reusable optics: 50 intubations

Rusch® Airtraq Avant Disposable Blades

  • Fully protects optics from patient contact, reducing the risk of cross-contamination
  • Includes lenses at the distal end of blade and in eyecup
  • Disposable blades: 2 sizes

Docking Station

  • Recharges battery
  • Displays remaining service life of the optic
  • Can be used with a Rusch® Airtraq Avant Blade assembled onto the optics
  • Has a hole pattern on its base that fits any mounting device compatible with VESA 75/75 standard

Rusch® Airtraq SP Laryngoscope

  • All-in-one unit for immediate use out of package
  • Single-use reduces risk of cross-contamination
  • Anti-fog system warms lens at body temperature
  • Guiding Channel delivers ETT to the glottic openin

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