Arrowg+ard Blue® MAC

Flow Meets Maximum Versatility

The Arrowg+ard Blue® MAC is designed to meet the needs of a variety of patient types — from trauma to cardiac. The catheter combines the access of a sheath introducer with the high-flow lumens of a central line. The MAC's hemostasis valve allows for easy access for additional devices, such as a thermodilution catheter or Arrow® MAC Companion Catheter adding up to three additional lumens. The 9 French distal lumen accommodates large fluid volumes when needed, while the 12-gauge proximal lumen provides a separate access for incompatible fluid administration.

Flow Rate Comparison by Vascular Device

IV1 PICC3 Intraosseous CVC3 Sheath
1.2 - 6.3 1.6 6.3 3-6 12 29

Note: This table compares the highest flow lumen per vascular access device. PICC, CVC, Sheath Introducer and MAC flow rates are gravity saline flow rates. IV and Intraosseous flow rates are based off pressure bag flow rates, and they are provided by another manufacturer.

MAC Flow Rates

Lumen Flow
rate (ML/HR)3
Distal (9 Fr.) No Catheter 29,920
Distal (9 Fr.) with 8 Fr. Catheter 12,180
Distal (9 Fr.) with 7 Fr. Catheter 19,810
Proximal (12 Ga.) No Catheter 9,340

Based on 100 cm head height gravity saline flow rates. Flow rates would be higher with a rapid infuser or pressure bag.

The Arrow® MAC uses proprietary chlorhexidine-based antimicrobial protection designed to protect your patients from the known pathogens of Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections (CRBSIs).

Now available in Arrow® ErgoPack® Complete System kit configurations


Arrow® ErgoPack® Complete systems put necessary components in an intuitive configuration to help optimize your workflow, comply with CDC, SHEA, INS, and OSHA guidelines3-6, and fight against central line-associated bloodstream infections(CLABSI).

Check out what’s new:

Arrow GlideWheel Advancer

Arrow GlideWheel™ Advancer

Provides tactile feedback + finer control

Nitinol Wire

Nitinol wire

Is kink-resistant compared to stainless steel

Transducer cover

Transducer cover

To support guidelines for ultrasound insertion


Pre-filled sterile saline syringe

One pre-filled sterile saline syringe per lumen now included inside the kit

ChloraPrep applicators

Extra ChloraPrep® Skin Prep

Extra applicator now included in each kit


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Rx only

The Arrowg+ard Blue® MAC is contraindicated for patients with known hypersensitivity to chlorhexidine and silver sulfadiazine and/or sulfa drugs.

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