A bag with memory

The Weck® MemoBag Specimen Retrieval System from Teleflex allows the simple deployment, handling, and retrieval of a pre-loaded tissue bag to help protect against contamination in the operating field.

Deployment is simple – the pre-loaded tissue bag is delivered through an introducer sheath via trocar into the surgical space. After deployment, a nitinol wire at the bag’s upper rim “remembers” and adopts its original shape, keeping the bag open. The trocar can then be used to introduce other instruments. Specimens can be easily manipulated and removed with the bag’s reliable open/close mechanism. The MemoBag Tissue Bag is also strong, able to stand up to the tension created by specimen retrieval during surgical procedures.

At a glance

  • Made of impermeable, tear-resistant polyurethane material
  • Available in a range of preloaded tissue bag sizes, including a large 1200 ml capacity tissue bag
  • Following tissue bag deployment, trocar is free for other procedural uses
  • Color-coded to facilitate choice of size


Insert the MemoBag Introducer into trocar* and use the pushing cannula to deploy the MemoBag Tissue Bag into the abdomen.

*All three sizes are suited for 10 mm trocar or larger


Once the MemoBag Tissue Bag has been deployed, it will self-retain due to the nitinol ring at the bags upper rim.

Specimen Placement:

Place specimen into the MemoBag Tissue Bag and close by pulling on the closure loop. (Note: MemoBag Tissue Bag can easily be reopened should the surgeon need to remove additional tissue).


Once closed, remove the MemoBag Tissue Bag through the incision site.

*Always refer to the instructions for use packaged with the product for complete instructions, warnings, indications, contraindications, and precautions.

Weck MemoBag Specimen Retrieval System

Item No.





200 ml



800 ml



1200 ml


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