Weck EFx® Fascial Closure Portfolio

Your one source for all your fascial closure needs

Your one source for all your fascial closure needs Drive supply chain efficiency with the complete Weck EFx Portfolio from Teleflex. Led by the Weck® EFx Shield® System, the industry’s first and only shielded fascial closure device engineered for sharps control, our portfolio of four distinct closure options means you can fulfill all of your fascial closure needs from a single provider. From innovative to classic, disposable to reusable, our fascial closure solutions have you covered:

  • Weck® EFx Shield® Fascial Closure System
  • Weck® EFx Classic Fascial Closure System
  • Weck EFx® Suture Passer
  • Pilling® Berci Suture Passer

The Weck EFx® Portfolio’s devices have been awarded Innovation of the Year three times by the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons for excellent clinical advantages for surgeons and their patients.

A Premier 2016 Innovation Celebration breakthrough product

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The Weck EFx Portfolio

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Fascial closure research

Learn why peer-reviewed research supports the right kind of fascial closure for laparoscopic procedures

Weck EFx Shield

The Weck EFx Shield Fascial Closure System from Teleflex is the first and only shielded fascial closure device, providing enhanced sharps protection for uniform, consistent fascial closure. The EFx Shield System is designed with speed and safety in mind. An array of enhanced features include:

  • Unique shielded wing design for enhanced sharps protection
  • Intuitive wing deployment
  • Innovative suture retrieval system for unassisted suture capture

  1. Suture retriever button

    Designed to make capture and retrieval of suture strands fast and secure

  2. Slide lock

    Makes wing deployment and approximation easy

  3. Finger grip pads

    For ergonomic device control

  4. Suture anchors

    Enable quick and secure suture loading for ease of use

  5. Retraction wings

    For considerable retraction and improved stability on the abdominal wall

  6. Suture retrieval wing shields

    Provide enhanced sharps protection, safe suture retrieval, and accurate placement 1 cm lateral to the defect midline

Weck EFx Classic Fascial Closure System

The Weck EFx Closure System from Teleflex provides a simple, secure option for full-thickness closure. The EFx Classic System combines an improved suture passer with standard and bariatric length suture guides in a single package – for fast and secure suture capture.

  1. Suture

  2. Available in 15mm and 10/12mm sizes

  3. Alligator-style grasper

    Helps improve suture capture

Weck EFx Suture Passer

Pilling Berci Suture Passer

The disposable Weck EFx Suture Passer and reusable Pilling Berci Suture Passer provide simple and secure options for full-thickness closure. Both devices:

  • Feature efficient one-hand operation
  • Can accommodate a wide range of trocar and suture sizes
  • Can be used for ventral hernia repair, suture positioning, and tissue manipulation

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