Chest Drainage

Pleur-evac® Autotransfusion Capability

Pleur-evac<sup>®</sup> Autotransfusion Capability

ATS Bag Features

  • 200 micron mesh filter
  • Increments for measuring drainage on face
  • Calibrated for -20cm H20
  • Conversion Chart for other settings, including gravity drainage (no suction), located on bag

A-1500-08LF ATS Bag

  • Compatible with A-7000 Rain series, A-6000 Cactus series, A-9250LF Continuous Reinfusion unit

S-100-08LF ATS Bag

  • Compatible with S-1100 Sahara® series

Units with Pre-mated ATS Bags

  • Dry/Dry – S-1200-08LF – Single collections chamber
  • Dry/Wet – A-6050-08LF – Single collection chamber
  • Wet/Wet – 7050-08LF – Single collection chamber

S-250-08 Rapid Transfer Blood Bag Features

  • 700 ml capacity, single-use bag
  • Easy activator handle with built-in spring, resulting in no blood/spring interface
  • May be used with pressure cuff re-infusion, as an alternate to an infusion pump
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Compatible with S-1150-08LF (Dry/Dry) and A-9250LF (Dry/Wet) Continuous Reinfusion units