Passive Humidification

Bacterial/Viral Filters


Main Flow Bacterial/Viral Filter

Item Code 1605

  • 22 mm ID x 15 mm ID/22 mm OD
  • Bacterial efficiency 99.999+%; viral efficiency 99.99+%
  • Dead space is 42 mL
  • Flow resistance approximately 1.5 cm H20 at 60 lpm

Individually packaged, 50 to a case.


Pulmonary Function Bacterial/Viral Filter Kit

Item Code 1603

  • 30 mm ID x 30 mm OD

Individually packaged, 50 to a case.

Ventilator Main Line Filter Kit

The Main Line Filter Kit is used to connect main-flow supply from ventilator to heated humidifier.

Item Code 1606

  • Convenient configuration incorporates Item Code 1605 (Main Flow Filter), tubing and adaptor to accommodate most ventilator setups

Individually packaged, 30 to a case.


Aqua+®F Bacterial/Viral Filter

The AQUA+F Bacterial/Viral Filter is for adult applications where a filter is desired between the patient and circuit.

Item Code 1577

  • 15 mm ID/22 mm OD patient connection
  • Tidal volumes from 350-1500 mL
  • 99.9%+ bacterial/viral efficiency
  • Includes integral gas sampling port
  • 360° swivel design aids positioning and minimizes torque

Individually packaged, 20 to a case.

MC-001089 REV1