Hudson RCI® Softech® Plus Cannulas

Clinicians should feel confident in choosing Softech® Plus Cannulas for comfortable oxygen delivery because of the proprietary combination of a soft, non-DEHP material and improved product design. Softech® Plus Cannulas can help improve patient comfort and enhance quality of care.



Soft. Thanks to a proprietary material blend incorporated into the nasal prongs and entire bolo style lariat, the Softech® Plus Nasal Cannulas are our softest nasal cannula yet, enhancing patient comfort.



Safe. The non-DEHP construction does not contain natural rubber latex, helping clinicians reduce patient exposure to DEHP and treat patients with latex sensitivity.



Superior. We strive to not only advance patient care, but also focus on caregiver efficiency. The kink-resistant Star Lumen® Tubing ensures uninterrupted flow of oxygen to the patient and the highly visible green tubing helps prevent accidental tripping.

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Softech® Plus Cannulas Available

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