Vari-Lase® Laser Fiber and Procedure Kits

Vari-Lase® Platinum Bright Tip Kits

The echogenic platinum iridium distal tip of the Vari-Lase® Platinum Bright Tip is designed to prevent inadvertent contact between the laser-emitting portion of the fiber and the vein wall. The reduced outer diameter offers increased flexibility and deliverability through 4 Fr. introducers and micro-introducers.

Vari-Lase® Flex Platinum Bright Tip Kits

The low profile 0.063” O.D. of the Vari-Lase® Flex Catheter allows greater trackability through smaller, tortuous veins with a braided design for flexibility and pushability. Available in 70 cm and 100 cm lengths for treatment of the entire great saphenous vein. The Vari-Lase® Flex Catheter is compatible with a 5 Fr. introducer sheath and allows sheathless introduction.

The Vari-Lase® Platinum Bright Tip Laser Fiber and Vari-Lase® Flex Catheter are indicated for the treatment of varicose veins and varicosities associated with superficial reflux of the great saphenous vein and for the treatment of incompetence and reflux of superficial veins in the lower extremity.

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