VSI StraitSet® Micro-Introducer Kit

6 Fr. triaxial design

  • Straight sheath for simple guidewire introduction, allows dual placement of a 0.038” and 0.018” guidewire
  • Hydrophilic or siliconized coating for smooth delivery
  • Embedded radiopaque marker band for visibility
  • Locking trocar needle option to help prevent back-out during insertion

VSI StraitSet® Micro-Introducer Kit components

VSI StraitSet® Micro-Introducer

  • 6 Fr. x 20 cm sheath with hydrophilic coating or silicone wipe
  • Dilator
  • Metal stiffening cannula

0.018” x 60 cm nitinol or stainless steel mandrel guidewire with tungsten tip

0.038” wire option:

  • 0.038” x 145 cm PTFE 3 mm “J”/straight guidewire

Needle options:

  • 21 Ga. x 15 cm marked trocar needle with echogenic tip and locking stylet
  • 21 Ga. x 7 cm echogenic needle
The VSI StraitSet® Micro-Introducer Kit is indicated for use in percutaneous introduction and placement of catheters and guidewires.

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