SmartNeedle® Vascular Access System

Simple access with clinical advantages

The SmartNeedle® Vascular Access System is a Doppler ultrasound system that uses audible blood flow indicators for easy detection and differentiation of arteries and veins. This continuous auditory feedback offers greater precision, allowing the operator to access the vessel with accuracy and confidence.

Multiple access points, one simple solution

  • The SmartNeedle® Vasular Access System consists of a small, portable, battery-operated monitor and a full line of bare and IV assembly sheathed needles that range in size from 24G to 18G
  • Designed to simplify access for internal jugular, subclavian, peripheral venous, femoral, radial and pedal access
  • Helpful for patients where vascular access is challenging, such as patients with a weak pulse, obesity, tortuosity, or scarring

The SmartNeedle® Monitor audibly indicates the Doppler response of blood flow within an artery or vein. It is intended for use only in conjunction with the SmartNeedle® Percutaneous Doppler Vascular Access Device.

Use of the SmartNeedle® Device is indicated when blood flow must be detected for percutaneous vessel cannulation. The vessel must be of a caliber which would normally be punctured with a needle and/or catheter of this size or larger.

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CAUTION: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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