Langston® Dual Lumen Catheter

The Langston® Dual Lumen Catheter provides accurate and stable pressure measurements through two lumens in a coaxial design. The Langston® Pigtail Catheter enables simultaneous pressure measurements across the aortic valve to help clinicians compute the pressure gradient and subsequently the effective orifice area.

  • 5 Fr. Pigtail on 4 Fr. inner catheter for pushability and kink resistance across the aortic valve
  • Braided inner catheter provides flexibility with torque response for maximum control
  • Tip opacity for accurate placement and optimal visualization
  • Two hubs for obtaining simultaneous pressure measurements
  • Excellent shape retention and low crossing profile

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Designed for Accuracy

  • Outer lumen for AO/proximal pressure measurements
  • Inner lumen for LV/distal pressure measurement and high pressure contrast delivery
Langston® Dual Lumen Catheters are indicated for delivery of contrast medium in angiographic studies and for simultaneous pressure measurement from two sites. This type of pressure measurement is useful in determining transvalvular, intravascular and intraventricular pressure gradients.

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