Twin-Pass® Dual Access Catheters

Access or delivery while maintaining wire position

The dual lumen of the Twin-Pass® Dual Access Catheter offers access with rapid exchange convenience. This innovative design provides the ability to leave the guidewire in-place while the second lumen is used for advancement of a second 0.014” guidewire or subselective delivery of contrast or medication.

Simple Deployment in a Dual-Lumen Design

  • RX lumen is delivered over in-place guidewire
  • OTW lumen is used for subsequent delivery of a second guidewire or fluid injection

Supportive access for bifurcations and wire exchanges

With the Twin-Pass® Dual Access Catheter over the RX wire in the main branch, the OTW lumen can be used to advance a wire into a side branch or for wire exchange.

Targeted delivery of medication or contrast

The RX guidewire can remain while the OTW lumen is used to deliver medication or contrast to the desired distal vessel segment.

The Twin-Pass® Torque Catheter is intended to access discrete regions of the coronary and/or peripheral vasculature. It may be used to facilitate placement and exchange of guidewires and to subselectively infuse/deliver diagnostic and therapeutic agents.

The Twin-Pass® Catheters are intended to be used in conjunction with steerable guidewires in order to access discrete regions of the coronary and peripheral arterial vasculature, to facilitate placement and exchange of guidewires and other interventional devices, and for use during two guidewire procedures. The Twin-Pass® Catheters are also used to subselectively infuse/deliver diagnostic or therapeutic agents.

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