About NextStep®

The Arrow® NextStep® Chronic Hemodialysis Catheter is the first of its kind and is designed to combine:

  • A step-tip catheter’s ease of insertion
  • A split-tip catheter’s sustained high flow

Ease of Insertion

The Arrow® NextStep® Retrograde Catheter’s unique tip is designed for:

  • Smooth transition through a sheath and over-the-wire insertion
  • Choice of antegrade or retrograde tunneling

Designed for sustained high flow and minimal recirculation

To reduce recirculation and deliver high flow, the Arrow® NextStep® Retrograde Catheter’s tip has two unique, complementary features:

  • The ports are reversed to optimize blood flow dynamics
    • The venous port releases blood in the SVC
    • The arterial port draws blood from the right atrium
    • Side holes on the tip are designed to pull blood from all sides
  • The ports are significantly separated to enhance flow and minimize recirculation

NextStep® Retrograde

The Arrow® NextStep® Retrograde Hemodialysis Catheterization Kit

NextStep® Antegrade

The Arrow® NextStep® Antegrade Hemodialysis Catheterization Kit

Caution: U.S. Federal law limits this device to sale by or on order of a physician.
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