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Continuous Peripheral Nerve Block

For most patients, post-operative pain is their primary concern before surgery and nearly 80% of patients who experience post-operative pain report experiencing moderate to extreme pain.1 Continuous peripheral nerve blocks have been proven to offer superior post-operative analgesia and improve patient satisfaction compared with opioids, while resulting in fewer minor complications, including nausea/vomiting, pruritis, and sedation.2

When used for continuous peripheral nerve block infusions, AutoFuser® Disposable Pain Pumps can help effectively manage post-operative pain. AutoFuser® Disposable Pain Pumps offer a combination of a continuous hands-free infusion with an optional on-demand patient controlled bolus to immediately address breakthrough pain.

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Ergonomic Pump Design

  • Rigid, rounded, low-profile housing
  • Graduation marks for infusion monitoring
  • Not manufactured with natural rubber latex
  • Front fill port and flat pump body designed to improve ease of filling
  • Reservoir designed to reduce the pressure needed to fill balloon

CPNB Pain Pump Configurations

Reservoir size, basal rate, and bolus options to meet your needs.

  • Two reservoir sizes
    • 275 mL
    • 550 mL
  • Three fixed basal rates
    • 4 mL/hr
    • 5 mL/hr
    • 8 mL/hr
  • AutoSelector® Variable Rate Selector (Optional)
    • 0.5-7 mL/hr
    • 1-14 mL/hr
  • Parallel Bolus (Optional)
    • Bolus reservoir size
      • 2 mL
      • 5 mL
    • Bolus refill time
      • 15 minutes
      • 30 minutes
      • 60 minutes

In-line Filter

  • 1.2 micron bacteria filter
  • Air eliminating filter

AutoSelector® Variable Rate Regulator (Optional)

  • Two options for variable rate selector:
    • 0.5–7 mL/hr
    • 1–14 mL/hr

Parallel Bolus (Optional)

  • Uninterrupted continuous infusion during bolus usage
  • Two choices of bolus dosages: 2 mL or 5 mL
  • Three choices of bolus refill time: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes

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