Click and drag the image to explore the Arrow® FlexTip Plus® Epidural Catheter.

The Arrow® FlexTip Plus® Epidural Catheter:

Distal tip design reduces the risk of vessel puncture and paresthesia,(1-6) and is available in both open tip and closed tip configurations

Image of Flexible Tip with 4 Lateral Holes

Centimeter markings help identify how far the catheter has been advanced past the needle tip, and include a needle positioning band to indicate exit of the catheter from the needle

Image of Centimeter Markings

Catheter body designed to provide the precise balance of softness and strength needed to achieve ease of placement, reliable patency and less inadvertent penetration

Image of Distal Flashback Window

Thread Assist Guide provides added stability to aide in the insertion of the catheter through the needle hub

Image of Thread Assist Guide

Distal and proximal flashback windows permit easy visualization of fluid, in the event that it is present (proximal window shown here)

Image of Proximal Flashback Window

Single-snap adapter with indicator marking fastens securely to the catheter without lumen collapse and reduces catheter disconnects

Image of SnapLock<sup>™</sup> Adapter
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