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Percuvance Percutaneous Surgical System

Less trauma. All the performance and versatility you need.

The 2.9 mm Percuvance Percutaneous Surgical System from Teleflex has been engineered to reduce trauma for your patients – yet give you all the performance of a 5 mm laparoscopic device.

The Percuvance System introduces a breakthrough category of minimally invasive surgery: percutaneous laparoscopy. With this advanced approach, the Percuvance System enters directly through the skin without an insertion trocar, then attaches extracorporeally to one of seven 5 mm tool tips for greater versatility in a wide variety of procedures.

Your patients benefit from less trauma. And you can eliminate one or more trocars from your laparoscopic procedures while achieving the outcomes you want.

With the Percuvance System, minimally invasive surgery has now been reimagined – making it even less invasive.

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Tackle complex procedures with ease

Easy to learn and use, the Percuvance System enters directly through the skin, then attaches extracorporeally to 5 mm tool tips

Insert through skin

Make a small incision using an 11-blade scalpel. Using the introducer needle, slowly insert the 2.9 mm shaft directly through the skin and penetrate the abdominal wall.

Extracorporealise shaft

Align the shaft with an existing trocar. Using a seal bridge, advance the shaft through the trocar to expose the tip.

Attach 5 mm tool tips

Open the handle and unlock the shaft knob. Detach the introducer tip and securely snap on a 5 mm tool tip. Close the handle, lock the knob.

Internalise device

Bring the device back through the trocar into the body cavity. Repeat steps for multiple devices.

One tool. All the performance you need.

Sturdy 2.9 mm shaft

Proprietary shaft provides all the performance of a traditional laparoscopic device – even when used on patients with high BMI. Available in 29 cm and 36 cm lengths

5 mm interchangeable tool tips

Give you the ability to grasp, dissect, cut, retract, ligate, and cut/cauterize tissue

Locking knob

Ensures tips are securely locked to the shaft; visible green band means ready-to-operate

Electrocautery connection

Use with interchangeable cautery tips

Ergonomic handle

Comfortable feel for easy maneuverability. Available in ratcheting and non-ratcheting models

The versatility to perform a broad range of laparoscopic procedures

Configure the Percuvance System the way that works best for you. Select from our interchangeable instrument tips.

5 mm Gripper

5 mm Atraumatic
Johans Grasper

5 mm Maryland

5 mm Metzenbaum

5 mm Hem-o-lok®
Clip Applier

5 mm Hook
Cautery Tip

5 mm Spatula
Cautery Tip

2.9 mm Percutaneous
Introducer Needle

Here’s how to make the Percuvance System part of your routine

To get started, you will need:

  • Reusable handle – ratcheted or non-ratcheted
  • Shafts – available in two lengths
  • Introducer needles
  • Tool tips – choose from 7 types
  • Seal bridges to aid exchange through 5 mm and 10/12 mm trocars

Reusable Handles

Item Code Description QTY.
PCVRH Ratcheted Handle 1
PCVNRH Non-Ratcheted Handle 1

Disposable Shafts

Item Code Description QTY.
PCVSH3 2.9 mm Percutaneous Shaft, 29 cm Length 6
PCVSHL3 2.9 mm Percutaneous Shaft, 36 cm Length 6

Disposable Tool Tips

Item Code Description QTY.
PCVINT3 2.9 mm Percutaneous Introducer Needle 6
PCVSC5 5 mm Scissors 6
PCVGG5 5 mm Gripper Grasper 6
PCVJG5 5 mm Atraumatic Johans Grasper 6
PCVMD5 5 mm Maryland Dissector 6
PCVHCA5 5 mm Hem-o-lok Clip Applier 6
PCVHK5 5 mm Hook Cautery Tip 6
PCVSPT5 5 mm Spatula Cautery Tip 6

Disposable Seal Bridges

Item Code Description QTY.
PCVSB5 5 mm Seal Bridge 6
PCVSB12 12 mm Seal Bridge 6
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