QuikClot EMS bleeding control system

Weck® Ligation System
Weck® Horizon Metal Clips
Weck® Hem-o-lok® Polymer Clips

Whether you prefer the classic feel of metal clips or the modern flexibility of polymer, Teleflex offers ligation products designed to suit your distinct preferences and procedural needs.

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The Horizon System is the premium Weck titanium clip ligation platform, providing surgeons a strong, secure clip coupled with an efficient, convenient easy-load cartridge system.

The pre-formed chevron shape of the Horizon Clip engulfs tissue with precise tip-to-tip closure.

The design of the Horizon Cartridge creates a nearly frictionless one-hand load. Horizon Cartridges are color-coded to match appliers and adhesive backing allows convenient placement of the cartridge to any sterile area.

Arrowg+ard Blue® MAC
Multi-lumen Access Catheter

The Arrowg+ard Blue® MAC is impregnated with antimicrobial protection along the extraluminal surface of the catheter body. This protects against gram positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi and yeast.1 The multi-lumen access catheter meets the highest level of recommendation by the CDC (Recommendation 1A), INS (Level 1) and SHEA (Level 1). 2-5

Arrow Arrowgard Blue MAC Multi-Lumen Access Catheter
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High flow rates of up to 29 liters per hour under gravity alone.

The catheter combines the access of a sheath introfucer with the high-flow lumens of a central line. It also includes companion catheters that add up to three lumens.

Meets a variety of patient types: Septic shock, Trauma, Cardiac surgery, Transplant surgery, and High risk for cather-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI)

QuikClot EMS bleeding control system

QuikClot Control+® Hemostatic Device

When it comes to bleeding control, there's no time to lose. You need to make a definitive repair, and having a clear surgical field may help you accomplish that. For faster bleeding control compared to laparotomy pads,6 level up patient care with QuikClot Control+® Hemostatic Devices.

Currently only approved and available in Puerto Rico.


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  • Faster hemostatis may improve visualization of the surgical field7
  • Improved visualization may allow for quicker identification of definitive repair needs

Same technique as standard gauze or laparotomy pads with more bleeding control in less time6,7

Robust clot forms quickly to deliver better bleeding control than standard gauze8,9

Rusch® and Sheridan® Endotracheal Tubes

All endotracheal tubes are designed to feature and excellent I.D. to O.D. ratio, biocompatible materials, thin-walled low-pressure cuff design and a smooth tip to facilitate safe insertion.

Rusch and Sheridan Endotracheal Tubes
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We offer endotracheal tubes for short or long-term intubation, from high to low-volume, cuffed or uncuffed, so you have the right airway device for every patient.

+ Single-use

+ Sterile

+ Not made with natural rubber latex

QuikClot EMS bleeding control system

Chest Drainage Systems

The premiere solution for thoracic cardiovascular, trauma, and critical care - uses the most advanced fluid management technology available.

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Accurate, calibrated, high suction control with visual indicator.

Clinically supported patient air leak meter.

Complete positive and negative pressure controls.

Latex-free tubing available on all Pleur-evac models

Generous collection chambers holding up to 2500 cc's of fluid.

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Federal Law (USA) restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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