Active Humidification

ConchaSmart® Technology

Rely on simple, smart, practical solutions to meet the unique needs of every patient with the ConchaSmart® Column, ISO-Gard® Circuit, and other Hudson RCI® Humidification Products from Teleflex.

ConchaSmart® Column:

One versatile column for all types of patients and applications.

Combined with the safe, convenient ConchaSmart® Column, and prefilled sterile water reservoir system, the Neptune® Heated Humidifier with ConchaSmart® Technology will help you improve the quality of care for patients and daily workflow for clinicians.

ISO-Gard® Circuits

A simple, effective design that works.

Combined with ISO-Gard® Circuit Technology, the Hudson RCI® Neptune® Heated Humidifier with ConchaSmart® Technology lets you meet the unique humidification needs of every patient, while helping to reduce the risks associated with managing condensate 1-3.

Humidification Essentials

Get specs and ordering information on other accessories.


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