The Patient Perspective

For patients with leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma and other blood-borne cancers, a bone marrow biopsy and/or bone aspiration is one of the most dreaded aspects of their diagnosis and treatment plan.4 The Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Access System is changing that.

The Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Access System provides many benefits to both patients and clinicians.1 Your clinician has made a commitment to provide you with the best available treatment for bone marrow examinations, whether it's a bone marrow biopsy, bone aspiration or bone lesion biopsy. You can discuss with your provider whether the Arrow® OnControl® Powered Bone Access System is appropriate for you.

“With your [Arrow® OnControl®] device, it was over quickly, and afterward, I noticed I was not as sore as the ones before. The bone marrow aspiration is the worst part of my treatment…Your system is definitely better.”

– Ryan, leukemia patient

The system is designed to provide the patient with the following benefits:

  • The bone marrow biopsy, bone aspiration or bone lesion biopsy procedure can be faster, thus you are on the table for a shorter period of time5
  • A better quality specimen, and thus a more accurate diagnosis5
  • Less pain the day after the procedure1


1. Berenson JR, Yellin O, Blumenstein B, et al. Using a powered bone marrow biopsy system results in shorter procedures, causes less residual pain to adult patients, and yields larger specimens. Diagnostic Pathology 2011;6:23.* 

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* Research sponsored by Teleflex Incorporated and its affiliates, including Vidacare LLC.

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