The Teleflex® ISIS® HVT

The Teleflex® ISIS® HVT Endotracheal Tube is a convertible endotracheal tube that allows you to add an attachable suction line for subglottic secretion removal while maintaining current intubation procedures. Teleflex® ISIS® HVT Endotracheal Tube is supplied as 2 separately sold items:

  • Endotracheal tube with integrated suction port
    • The ideal choice for both long- and short-term intubation
  • Suction line
    • Allows for subglottic secretion removal when attached

Superior design features increase ease and accuracy of use

  1. Suction line with integrated caps
    • Design allows for easy connection to the suction port
    • Easy handling when connecting suction tubing
    • Caps seal suction line when not in use
    • Sold separately
  2. Pilot balloon
    • Tactile feedback allows for a visual gauge of cuff inflation
  3. Integrated suction port
    • Design allows for easy connection to the suction line
    • Strategically designed for placement outside the patient's mouth
    • Cap seals suction port when not in use
  4. Thin-walled, high-volume, low-pressure, tapered cuff
    • Effective seal at low pressures
  5. Placement ring
    • Provides a visual indication of when the tube has passed the vocal chords to aid in placement
  6. Suction lumen
    • Allows for the removal of accumulated secretions
    • Custom design reduces likelihood of mucus obstruction1


  1. Mujica-Lopez KI, Pearce MA, Narron KA, Perez J, Rubin BK. In vitro evaluation of endotracheal tubes with intrinsic suction. Chest. 2010;138:863-869.
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