Eli - Human Resources - USA


Eli joined Teleflex in February 2014 as a Director of Human Resources for the Vascular Access business. In November 2014, he added Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance to his client list. At Teleflex, HR directors are strategic partners to leaders in the business, supporting leaders in recruiting, developing and motivating the company’s critical success factor: people.

Eli loves the dynamic nature of his work. “There is never a dull day,” he said. He is always looking ahead to know where he should focus his efforts to ensure that his businesses have the best talent in place to achieve their goals.

Eli identifies with the dedication and passion of the employees with whom he interacts at Teleflex. “No matter what function, people are very engaged; they care about their jobs,” he said.

When possible, Eli will ride with sales reps to get closer to Teleflex customers. “I appreciate that everybody shares a common passion for what we do,” he said. “We’re putting great products in the hands of clinicians who are saving lives. It’s rewarding to go into the field and see that impact up close.”