Ashish - Financial Planning and Analysis Manager - Australia


Ashish has seen more experiences in one year than many people do in a career. He joined Teleflex following its acquisition of Mayo Healthcare in 2014, and he has been on the ground floor of building a new company that merged three legal entities into one.

“It’s much like bringing up a small baby; you know what you want to achieve, and we had the global support to bring up the baby the way it should be,” he said.

The work included consolidating three ERPs into one SAP system, opening a new office, integrating three teams into one, and other start-up activities. “It has been very challenging,” he said, “but that brings out the best in me.”

Ashish is enjoying the fast pace and dynamic nature of his role. “Every day is exciting; there is never a dull moment.”

Australia is growing at a rapid pace through acquisitions and organic growth, and Ashish is happy to contribute his expertise. “When you put forth good efforts and are successful, you’re happy,” he said. “It’s been the plus point of my journey so far.”