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Additional Products

Gabbay-Frater Suture Guide

  • Gabbay Frater
  • Convenient suture organizer saves time and reduces frustration during valve implantation by keeping suture ends organized and tangle-free.
  • Two packaging configurations:
    • Single Pack (one unit)
    • Multi Pack (3 units) pictured

PTFE Felt Pledgets

  • Pledgets

Precision-cut PTFE pledgets are designed in a versatile range of sizes and shapes.

  • Pledgets protect vulnerable tissue during suturing
  • Available in soft or firm styles
  • Oval, square and rectangular pledgets are available in custom sizes
  • Pledgets are available in a diverse set of packaging options:
    • Loose - precut in an array of sizes, assuring consistency by eliminating the need for hand-cut pledgets
    • Pre-attached – eliminate hand threading while saving valuable prep time. Custom threading options are available
    • Sheets – high-quality PTFE felt for larger applications or unique size requirements

Stainless Steel

  • Stainless Steel
  • Sternotomy Wire
    • Finest quality steel for sternotomy closure
    • Available with strong taper point needles or our exclusive K-Point needles
    • Combination blunt and K-Point needle packs are available
  • Temporary Pacing Wire
    • Strong (yet soft and smooth), insulated, braided stainless steel construction for safe and easy handling
    • Snap-off Keith needle for easy insertion

Suture Options

Custom Solutions  Deklene® Maxx™ Polypropylene Suture 
NextStitch™ Valve Suture  Tevdek®/Polydek®/Cottony II Braided Polyester

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