It’s Time to Clear the Air

The ISO-Gard® Mask with ClearAir™ Technology is more than just a medical device—it represents a promise to PACU managers and nurses that this device can help in reduction of hazardous WAG exhaled by post-op patients and improve caregiver safety. The ISO-Gard® family of products exemplifies Teleflex's commitment to providing simple, effective respiratory solutions that help clinicians control contaminants and guard against patient/caregiver exposure. Thanks to its special combination of oxygen delivery and scavenging features, the ISO-Gard® Mask with ClearAir™ Technology provides PACU personnel with the unique advantage of simultaneously providing oxygen while scavenging WAG exhalation, allowing for comfortable therapy.


Unidirectional Oxygen Flow

The patent-pending ClearAir™ Technology creates a unidirectional flow of oxygen through the nasal/oral area of the patient for inhalation. At the same time, negative pressure or suction is applied to the port in the lower portion of the mask to scavenge the patient’s exhalation. A tight mask seal to the face is not required to capture the patient exhalation, as testing has demonstrated that a suction level setting of 30-50 mm Hg will effectively scavenge the patient’s exhalation.

Filter - close-up
ClearAir WAG Suction - close-up
One-Way Inhalation Valves - close-up
Expandable Suction Tube - close-up
CO2 Monitoring Port and Tethered Cap - close-up
Mask Manifold - close-up
CleanAir 02 - close-up

The ISO-Gard® Mask with ClearAir™ Technology is also designed to:

  • Reduce hazardous WAG within breathing zone of caregiver
  • Minimize the cumulative effect of low-level exposure of WAG to caregiver
  • Provide unidirectional flow of oxygen through mask to ensure maximum FIO2

Additional Key Features

  • CO2 monitoring port for sampling expired gas
  • Fit into existing PACU workflow
  • Delivers up to 10 LPM of oxygen flow

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