Weck EFx™

The WECK EFx™ Endo Fascial Closure System is designed to minimize complications and costs associated with post-operative port-site herniation by providing reproducible, uniform closure that delivers Confidence.Clarity.Control.
The WECK EFx™ Endo Fascial Closure System facilitates an effective endo fascial port site closure of fascial defects resulting from the use of 10mm - 15mm diameter trocars. Its unique approach allows the surgeon confidence in a predictable and uniform closure across varying patient anatomies. The accompanying Suture Passer is only 1.2mm in diameter and incorporates a precut loading notch for a controlled delivery and placement of the suture 1cm lateral to the defect.
Combine these attributes and WECK EFx™ Endo Fascial Closure System offers an excellent clinical advantage for surgeons and their patients.
For more information, download a product brochure (pdf) or call Customer Service at: 866-246-6990.
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