Teleflex supplies a comprehensive range of Hudson RCI respiratory care products for oxygen and aerosol therapy and active humidification for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation. These ranges are perfectly complemented by our highly efficient Gibeck HME's and filters for passive humidification. Studies show that the use of an HME can be an effective strategy in controlling nosocomial infections. There is a full range of adaptors and connectors which have a wide range of application in respiratory care. The Hudson RCI range of Incentive Breathing Exerciser products like Voldyne® and Triflo help in the prevention of atelectasis. Rusch brand respiratory solutions complement Hudson RCI products and broaden the scope of the Teleflex respiratory portfolio.

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Efficient and economic, for hospital or home care settings.
Built on a solid tradition of innovation, the Hudson RCI aerosol delivery products are in a class of their own. When Dr. Charles Hudson developed the Pen-I-Sol nebulizer, the ancestor of the hand-held medication nebulizers manufactured today, he was driven by a desire to solve a clinical dilemma. That tradition lives on today with products such as the MICROMIST®, UP-DRAFT® and ISO NEB small volume nebulizers, the AQUAPAK® prefilled nebulizers, as well as masks, reservoirs, adaptors and other accessories.
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Whether you are a clinician in an emergency room treating a trauma patient or an owner of DME providing oxygen support for patients at home, Teleflex has a product for you. Featuring a broad selection of masks, cannulas, tubing and humidifiers in the industry, we can help you effectively manage the respiratory needs of your patients with a focus on both quality and cost.
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Active Humidification: The ConchaTherm® Neptune® Heated Humidifier offers the utmost in simplicity while providing the clinician with the ability to make adjustments and customize settings. It is designed to heat and humidify respiratory gases for patients of all ages, across the full spectrum of therapeutic applications: invasive ventilation, non-invasive ventilation, oxygen hoods and high-flow nasal cannula therapy.
Passive Humidification: A wide range of Gibeck® and Aqua+ Heat & Moisture Exchangers (HMEs) meets the unique needs of anesthesia, intensive care, emergency care and ENT.
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Excellent performance for optimum patient protection.
Teleflex is dedicated to providing solutions that promote patient safety and minimize cross-contamination. Teleflex offers true HEPA filters and hydrophobic electrostatic filters that feature up to 99.99999% efficiency against the transmission of bacteria and viruses. Combined filter/heat & moisture exchangers reduce circuit manipulation and the risk of cross-contamination.
When targeting the elimination of ventilator-associated pneumonia, every choice matters.
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Teleflex offers a complete range of Rusch breathing circuits (heated and non-heated) including smoothbore and corrugated tubings as well as extendables. Breathing circuits are available in DEHP free PVC, Polyethylene or Polypropylene.
In addition, Teleflex offers an optimal range of catheter mounts for any connection of the breathing system or filter to the patient. Different high-quality tube materials, coupled with a variety of adaptors or swivels, suction and bronchoscopy cap guarantee easy and safe application. Many HME and filter combinations are possible.
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