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Our comprehensive range of clinician-inspired Arrow®, LMA ™, Rusch®, Sheridan® and Hudson RCI® products have advanced the art of anesthesia by improving safety, efficiency and patient satisfaction.


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Teleflex offers a full line of clinically differentiated endotracheal tubes, endobronchial tubes and intubation accessories. Our Sheridan® and Rusch® brands are trusted by anesthesia professionals around the world because of our continued commitment to design products that enhance procedural efficiency and promote patient safety during intubation.
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We partner with clinicians to develop Rusch® laryngoscopes that make intubation as simple, convenient and safe as possible. The result is one of the broadest ranges of laryngoscopes available, including options to manage difficult airways and improve procedural efficiency. Each world-class product is engineered to meet the needs of anesthesia professionals and their patients.
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Teleflex provides Anesthesia professionals with a full range of oral and nasopharyngeal airway options. Our clinician-inspired materials and designs mean you have the right airway device for every patient.
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Teleflex's extraordinarily diverse range of high-quality tubes featuring highly stable—yet thin—walls, offer the healthcare customer optimal solutions from acute medicine and OR, through the ENT area to the demands of long- and short-term tracheostomy as well as the homecare setting, thus improving patient comfort and outcome to a high extent.
Coordinated sets and well-aligned accessories save time and money and help to achieve best possible results in daily patient care.
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The Arrow FlexTip Plus® Epidural Catheter, with its unique wire-embedded polyurethane design, has been clinically proven to virtually eliminate the incidence of intravascular cannulation1,2,3 and effectively reduce transient paresthesia.2,4 Today we are building on this clinically proven technology to meet your evolving needs, enhance safety and maximize procedural efficiency.
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Teleflex is a proud pioneer in Pain Management. Our Arrow StimuCath® Continuous Nerve block kits meet the needs of anesthesiologists who place peripheral nerve blocks using stimulation, ultrasound, or a combined approach. StimuCath’s unique stainless steel coil tip allows catheter stimulation to confirm placement near the nerves and provides increased visibility during ultrasound-assisted procedures.
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Teleflex offers needles and trays for your spinal anesthesia needs. Our safety-engineered Arrow SureBlock® procedural trays feature the Sprotte® spinal needle in an array of sizes — with or without drugs — so you can select the right block for the right patient, every time. Teleflex also provides individually packaged Sprotte spinal needles in a wide array of gauge sizes and lengths.
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Arrow Select Kits is a Teleflex business dedicated to providing customers with customized kit configurations. We offer a broad range of component choices to help you meet your industry and safety standards. Our cost-effective solutions provide significant value and standardization opportunities throughout your hospital.

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