Teleflex Supplier Expectations

A primary objective of Teleflex is to achieve "Best in Class" status in supply base management and Supplier performance. As Teleflex focuses on core manufacturing processes, our Suppliers must strive to perfect their core competencies. All suppliers to Teleflex are required to demonstrate and provide evidence that they meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Provide globally competitive product in quality, technology, service and cost.
  • Supply only defect-free products to all direct and indirect material/resources.
  • Demonstrate (through detailed plans) a commitment to continuous cost reduction programs that result in a minimum 2% total cost reduction per year of product and service acquisition supported by long term productivity improvements.
  • Actively maintain a quality system, quality procedures and processes, QSR, CFR, ISO and other methods appropriate to the medical devices industry which meets Teleflex requirements, expectations and specifications.
  • Demonstrate “Best in class” standards through product and process innovations that support performance improvements, lower warranty claim rates and provide best value.
  • Maintain the capability of validating products for Teleflex specific applications.
  • Maintain consistent on-time and conforming delivery of parts, tooling and projects.
  • Create and maintain documented disaster recovery plans to ensure security and continuity of supply.
  • Provide evidence of “best in class” customer focus and support for managing long-term commercial relationships.
  • Possess an excellent environmental health and safety record.
  • Maintain strong financial viability and track record.
  • Provide product traceability and bar-coding where required.
  • Demonstrate compliance with Teleflex’s Supplier Diversity Statement.
  • Comply with all laws and regulations including those related to bribery, child labor, human trafficking and slavery.
  • Import Compliance
  • Complete all applicable non-disclosure agreements.
  • Comply with Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.