Social Responsibility

Suppliers of Teleflex, Inc. must aim to comply with the Directives of the UN Initiative Global Compact (Davos, 01/99) and the principles and rights set approved by the International Labor Organization (ILO) in its “Declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work” (Geneva 06/98). The following principles are of particular importance:

  • Preservation of human dignity,
  • Ban on child and forced labor,
  • Ban on bribery and blackmail,
  • Maintenance of adequate social working conditions,
  • Maintenance of employability by basic and advanced training, and
  • Responsible action by all personnel in relation to the environment.

Labor Standards Assurance System

In order to protect these rights, Teleflex has established a formal Labor Standards Assurance System (LSAS) which outlines requirements within Teleflex and throughout the supply chain. Teleflex is committed to proactively working with current and prospective suppliers to ensure that they meet or exceed recognized global labor standards.

Download the Teleflex LSAS Policy

For more information on the Teleflex LSAS and how it addresses these principles, please remit questions to,

Online reports of conduct that may be unethical, illegal or in violation of LSAS policy or local laws can be made through the Internet at

Gifts and Contributions

The following statement outlines Teleflex ’s position on gifts to employees from suppliers.

Employees or any member of their immediate families:

  • Are not, within a twelve-month period, to give or accept, directly or indirectly, gifts, contributions, or prizes to or from any individual or organization totaling more than $100 (USD) or the reasonable equivalent value from suppliers or customers of the Company. Gifts should not be in excess of usual and reasonable limits that are a normal and acceptable part of regular business activity;
  • Are prohibited from soliciting gifts, contributions, gratuities, services, or kickbacks from suppliers or customers of Teleflex regardless of their value;
  • May not accept the use of customer or supplier property, airplane transportation, or trips (including trips sponsored by customers or suppliers) without prior written approval of the manager in charge of the division; and
  • Are not to give or accept, directly or indirectly, cash under any circumstances or entertain in excess of usual and reasonable limits that are a normal and acceptable part of regular business activity.