Thursday, 6 March 2014

A Guide to Expanding Your Practice: Placement of Central Venous Catheters

A hot topic at the 2013 AVA Annual Scientific Meeting was RN placement of central venous catheters (CVCs). Teleflex introduced a workbook entitled: A Guide to Expanding Your Practice: Placement of Central Venous Catheters. By popular demand, we are making this publication available to readers of this blog as a downloadable PDF.

This publication presents a five-phase process that may assist in developing or expanding vascular access services to include placement of CVCs. In each phase, specific tasks and questions are outlined that lead to the creation of a business plan. Spaces for notes specific to an individual program are included throughout the workbook. Samples of a business plan, policies and procedures and program tools are provided in the appendices. To save view and save a copy click on the link below:

<A Guide to Expanding Your Practice Placement of Central Venous Catheters>

Questions for our Readers

Are you currently inserting CVCs? What barriers to success did you face and overcome?

Are you interested in inserting CVCs? What information would be helpful to you?

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Author: Jim Lacy, BSN, RN, VA-BC TM is employed by Teleflex as Product Manager - Central Venous Access and serves as the current President of the Board of Directors of the Association for Vascular Access (AVA).
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